A Song of Plots and Deaths

Warning: This post contains big spoilers from Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Game of Thrones. In case you haven’t watched all the episodes until time of this writing, I suggest you hold on to reading this until you’ve caught up.

So the fifth season of Game of Thrones ended a few days ago. As expected, many died and many cried. Killing people seems be in trend these days. As the end of season approaches, writers start killing characters. Heck, they kill people when plot starts getting a bit boring. That’s why S.H.I.E.L.D. showed Jiaying getting killed, Daredevil killed Wesley and Game of Thrones killed, well, everyone. This plot device of killing characters is an important weapon in an author’s arsenal. It has a guarantee of intense effect. However, the weapon is getting more and more blunt and Game of Thrones is to blame. So many characters unexpectedly disappearing seems to have desensitized my senses. When Wesley died out of nowhere, I was shocked. Jiaying made me flinch a bit. For Jon Snow, I just went meh. Only reason? It’s Game of Thrones! Every time a character comes up on screen, my brain assigns some probability to its death. When a character comes on screen in last 10 minutes of the last episode of the season, that probability shoots very high.

Don’t get me wrong. Many deaths in the series were well planned and, I daresay, necessary for the plot. Some others, not so much. They merely contributed to the process of desensitization. Now, the death of Jon Snow has brought the story to a peculiar point.

If he stays dead, there is no one left to ride the dragons and lead everyone against the Winter. The fan story of him having secret real identity and belonging to some noble house doesn’t come true. He can’t team up with the Dragon Queen either – you know, being dead and all. On the other hand, if he is resurrected, the series has literally fallen to the level of Bollywood TV where characters die just for the sake of it and are brought back by some voodoo. In this case, the death adds absolutely nothing to the story and the series hits rock bottom in terms of quality.

It is going to be interesting to see how author manages to get this story out of ditch. Meanwhile, let the fan stories roll!