A Bite of Raspberry Pi!

So, I got a Raspberry Pi a few days ago. Actually, I was one of the early adopters who ordered the Pi as soon as I could. After 10 weeks of ‘baking and delivery’ period, I finally got my hands on the device. It’s a tiny little circuit board and looks kinda cute. With some help from photo editing softwares, I was  able to achieve this:GlowOfRaspberryPi
Looks nice and geeky, right?

First impressions:

I don’t exactly know how it happened, but the capacitor which sits near power inlet was broken when I opened the package. Maybe, it happened during the transit or maybe, letting a five year old do the unboxing was not such a good idea. Nonetheless, the thing works very well as long as there is continuous power supply. I have hooked it up to the charger which came with my HD2, so it should be safe to assume that Pi receives sufficient power.

So, I just loaded a 4GB SD card with official Raspbian image and went ahead with monitor connected via HDMI. The Pi boots straight to the raspi-config utility. For most users, changing password for the default user ‘Pi’ should be sufficient here. As I was on 24 inch Dell monitor, I had to use Overscan option to remove black bars. Rest of setup is breeze – almost everything works out of box.

What do I do with it?

After toying it for a while, I have turned it into an headless machine which works as Network Attached Storage, SeedBox and PVR with SickBeard. I also have Dropbox installed to have another backup of  all my important documents. In coming posts I will share the procedures and configuration files in detail.

Should one buy it?

If you like to tinker, absolutely! Want ‘it just works’ experience out of box? You probably should be visiting this site! Want to know more about my Pi? Comment!